Revisiting The Past

Revisiting The Past

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Revisiting the Past is great in small doses. More than that can get you melancholic. I certainly don’t believe that you should live in the past. But remembering it, good or bad, can be very good for realising how far we have come. Or how little we have learnt.

Revisiting The Past

Revisiting The Past

I have always been a huge fan of history. I never studied it for any examinations. But I find parts of it fascinating. Thoughout life I have been drawn to history sites.

Firstly, as a 70s child I am a huge fan of the era. Maybe it is the romantic in me, but I have very happy memories of the era. Even if it is the decade fashion forgot!

I decided to start a blog about all the places that I know or have visited. I want to take you on a journey back through times both ancient and modern.

You could think of it as a historical travel blog. As well as talking about the current places, I will be digging further back into the history of the places I visit. Who lived here, and more importantly, how did they live their day to day lives?

My Journey

My journey will take me all over this green/blue planet, to places you may think you know well. And to places that you may not have thought of or visited. Sometimes the most interesting places are on the road less travelled.

Some of these places are full of wonder. Some are more likely to churn your hearts and minds, and make you wonder how such horrible events could happen. The history of the human race is not pretty.

In fact my next post post intends to take you into one of the deepest, darkest and most troubling section of history. In 2015 I paid a visit to Krakow, in Poland. On a day excursion from this beautiful city, I visited a place where some of the most horrible events of the last 100 years took place.

Do read more in my next post and start revisiting the past with me!

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